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Things We Do

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Web – Responsive Websites

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business, So we bring you on the internet in the best way it could be. The mobile first way of development, no more worries about the flexibility of your website, we can build you the website that will fit in any device.

Mobile – Smoother Apps

Don't bother about the devices there are a lot of them, you just tell us your idea. We will craft your idea both in android and iOS platforms. With the best UI and UX capabilities, we will make your customers feel ooowf!!

Graphics – Stunning Designs

The world is incomplete without colours, let's do the branding of your logos, mock-ups of your projects, mock-ups of your apps, everything with those stunning colours and designs.

Desktop – Stronger Softwares

The applications that will make your life much easier, which completes your daily tasks never like before. Desktop applications built on strong and secure platforms are always an asset to your business, whether it is resource management or accounts management.

Already Done

These are some of the works completed by us.

Samyoga 14

Website + App + Graphics

AIMM 2014

Website + Graphics


Website + Graphics


Website + Graphics

Travel Dealer

Website + App

Customized ERP

Web Application

Who We are

Everything about us, from the very beginning.

  • 2013

    How We Started.

    It was a fine evening, we were sitting beside our college playground, discussing about getting a job, MNCs, recruitment drives and much more. Suddenly, interrupting all these discussions one of our smart kid said, "Hey, why don't we start our own Business, rather than searching for a job, let's make it done". Hence we started our journey.

  • October 2013

    How the name born

    We were restless on searching for a name, what it could be? How it could be? These questions were revolving around our head. Keeping just one thing in our mind that, the name should be awesome. So we started exploring from the very beginning of computers. "Bytes" are everything today, why don't we choose it? Yes! We added some cool stuffs too, and finally "Bytekat - Bytes, Keen and Talented ".

  • November 2013

    Projects getting started

    Long before forming the company, we have been helping each department of our college in graphical designs and web designs. Then, we started to do projects for other students in the college, which opened the door of exploration into the tech world.

  • May 2014

    Products Launch

    When we reached the right time, we have launched our very first product to god’s own country, for those who are struggling to find a blood donor - DOBLOOD to donate blood. And the journey continues with exciting new products and works.

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Marketing head

Hidash P P

App development head

Mubasheer C K

Web Development head

Prejit Pradeep

Design head

Safdar Ali A N P

Finance Head

Yasar Salim

Development head

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